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Here’s an interesting little fact. According to The New York Times, the 2nd Avenue Subway will be the first subway line in MTA history to do away with subway grates. Insteading of letting tunnel air out onto street level via the subway grates, the 2nd Avenue subway will instead pump clean air in and dirty […]


An almost timeless photo of a woman looking beautiful walking down the sidewalk in Manahttan in 1969.

The Barthman Sidewalk Clock at the corner of Broadway and Maiden Lane is a little forgotten piece of history of NYC. I certainly have never heard of this clock, but I want to see it in person when I get back.


A reminder to everyone to not be an idiot like me and ride on the sidewalk — even if you are looking at things in window displays. COPS ARE OUT! It’s funny that it took me moving out of the city to get a bike ticket. Maybe LA is making me soft.