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Sigma’s 50mm f/1.4 Art series lens¬†is $950. Just so you know. Exceptional quality!

If you remember, last year I posted chapter 1 of SIGMA Aizu’s lens making factory¬†and now SIGMA is back with Chapter 2 of this incredible look into the amazing place that these lenses are born.

Shots of glass. Shots of nature. Shots of engineers. Shots of nature. Shots of glass. Shots of nature. Japan!! This is how SIGMA lenses are made!


GOOD NEWS! Sigma’s very popular and very sharp 17-70mm lens has been outfitted with image stabilization (Optical Stabilization in Sigma’s terms)! The lens is a great choice for those wanting wide angle shots on a lens that can also do extreme macro shots (something that is rare in lenses these days unless you’re shooting on […]


I just shot with this lens today and I thoroughly enjoyed its versatility and incredible sharpness. I especially love that I can switch to macro mode instantly and shoot objects that are literally millimeters away from the front glass. That’s incredible closeness in a wide-zoom lens. I just cannot get over how sharp this lens […]