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Hmm, I actually liked Silver Linings Playbook on a very surface level — it was just flat out a good film with an interesting story. This video here argues that it’s a good movie because of a much deeper fact that it portrays the American psyche in a way that is gut-wrenching, bold, and raw. […]

This movie won Oscar nominations in all 4 acting categories? Amazing! If you haven’t seen this film yet, GO SEE IT! It is awesome!


Another one of my favorite movies from this past year. Here’s the screenplay (and here’s the alt. link).

SHE IS MY FAVORITE!! So glad she won! Look at how good she looks! Also, if you haven’t seen Silver Linings Playbook yet, you definitely should. It was one of my favorite movies from this past year.

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This film was so good!! A very unique story about love and the complications of human relationship. Even though the characters were disturbed in more ways than most people I know, I felt myself relating to them a lot. Definitely a stand-out film from the rest of the movies in theaters right now. Catch this […]