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I absolutely love the graphic look of the new TYCHO album called Awake. Even their merchandise page looks amazing with everything correctly color-coded and in sync with the album artwork. You can pre-order the album now and have it to listen right around March 14, 2014 when it gets officially released. Here’s the official first […]

What’s it like to see all of your friends get married, leaving yourself to be the only single one left? Here, a woman named Paula recounts her experience through recorded videos of her past relationships.


PMA just shared this new MIA single called “Bring The Noize”. EXCITED!!!!

I just learned from Little Big Details┬áthat you can zoom in on Google Maps for iOS (maybe for Android too) using one finger. Just double tap like you normally would but don’t lift your finger on the second tap. Then drag your finger up or down to your desired zoom level. Life-changing!