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There are a few reviews on Amazon saying that the new POOF-Slinky (POOF bought the Slinky brand in early 2000s) is a bit shorter and thus cannot walk down stairs like the original Slinky is known for. Is this true? Also, when did the Slinky start selling for more than $10???

It never occurred to me that the bottom of a hanging slinky doesn’t fall when the slinky is released. That’s weird, but it’s science!

Post-it Note inventor watches Sticky Note Experiments from Ironic Sans on Vimeo. Remember that video of the Sticky Note Experiments that turned a bunch of Post-It notes into make-shift Slinky’s? It turns out that the inventor of the Post-It, Art Fry, hadn’t seen it, so David Friedman, a photographer from New York City doing a […]

Human-slinky by bbqkarubi So you probably already saw the slinky cat that loves to slide down the stairs. Well, how about a human dressed in clothes that resemble a slinky? Now that’s funny! [via] Seriously, where do I get an outfit like this? This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

I’m gonna go ahead and assume that this cat is Japanese since the poster of the video on YouTube wrote the description in Japanese. Anyway, look at this wonderful video! The cat literally slides its way down the full flight of stairs. How cute! I love how cats do these weird things sometimes for no […]