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According to a recent auction listing, this very rare original and colored Calvin and Hobbes comic strip sold for $203,150. The auction listing says that this piece was gifted to Brian Basset, creator of the popular strips Adam@Home and Red and Rover, back in 1986 and has up until now remained in the Basset family. […]


Big news this morning from The Wall Street Journal as they’ve sort of just announced (prematurely at the moment) that EMI Music is being sold to Universal for $1.9 billion and EMI Music Publishing will be sold to Sony for $2.2 billion. [via] Universal was already the biggest of the big four record labels and […]


The Daily Mail has a photo of the recently auctioned original Monopoly game board made by Charles Darrow. Charles Darrow reportedly made about 5000 of these and this is the only one that still exists. It is made from a piece of oilcloth and is shaped like a circle 33-inches in diameter instead of the […]

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I consider this to be a pretty big deal and I’m wondering why it’s not being reported elsewhere as such. Anyway, according to paidContent.org, a source close to Cablevision has confirmed that a deal is near for Cablevision-owned Rainbow Media to purchase Gothamist for $5 million to $6 million. For those who don’t know, Gothamist […]


I woke up this morning to find out that Marvel Entertainment had been bought by The Walt Disney Company for approximately $4 billion. I’ve been reading various news articles about what this could mean for Marvel and Disney and some analysts are saying that Pixar might be interested in making a movie with Marvel characters. […]


For those of you who have seen the movie District 9, you’ll instantly recognize this Arc Gun shown above which recently sold on eBay for $1445. Obviously, the gun is non-functional (I mean, you’d have to be alien to use it anyway) but it is an official movie prop used on the set of District […]