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Last night I decided to randomly re-watch Dumb & Dumber and I noticed something that I had never noticed before. I guess as a young kid this sort of opening credits joke just flew right over my head. Anyway, the opening credits are all misspelled. See what I mean inside.

This used to happen to me occasionally when I wrote papers in school. I’d be on one of the last few pages of my paper, tired and ready to go to bed, when suddenly I type a rather simple and familiar word and have to stop everything because all of a sudden I think it’s […]

BoingBoing shared this delightfully easy trick done with a regular deck of playing cards. Spelling required, but trust me, it’s cool.

A boy named Scotty (who is 6-years-old and 3 months by the way) was tagged by Scholastic to write a complete story which eventually got turned into a simple video animation above. [via] The story is a decent one for a 6-year-old, but one thing that strikes me about this is how badly spelled it […]