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I’ve been using this new app on my iPhone called SpeedSpot which allows me to find and share WiFi connections around me. It’s great for traveling. Anyway, so I was checking out SpeedSpot’s blog and I came across this interesting post about Starbucks switching over their stores from AT&T WiFi to Google WiFi and how […]


Have you heard? There’s some sort of “art project” going on at 1802 Hillhurst Ave in Los Angeles called Dumb Starbucks. Reports are saying that this place actually serves coffee, albeit pretty badly, and that everything on the menu is free if you can stomach it. Who’s behind this?

Remember Beautiful Existence? If not, that’s the name of a woman who exclaimed loudly last year to everyone that she was going to only eat Starbucks-sold food items for a whole year. How did it work out? Well, according to Gawker, she succeeded but not without spending approximately $4000 more on food than the average woman […]


Say what you will about Starbucks, but this new location in New Orleans’ French Quarter is absolutely stunning. The space is a nod to New Orleans’ long-standing former tradition of being a coffee port of the US and the interior design is made to look like what a Louisiana store in the 1900s might have been […]