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The part in this video where you see the compression of the heated metal is so fascinating to watch. I’d love to see this done in person one day.

Check out Richard Serra talking about his brand-new sculpture pieces on display now at Gagosian Gallery. I’ve already seen the 24th Street pieces but I haven’t had a chance to check out the 21st Street gallery pieces yet. The 21st Street exhibit closes February 8th so I gotta get myself there soon.

Stewart sent over this video of a group of cycling and design enthusiasts who are working to bring back the iconic metal Coloral drinking bottle to market. The new bottle will be pretty much the same as the old one with a few modifications (size being one of them) and they will stay true to […]

Here’s a video from the British Council Film archives showing a start-to-finish look at how sheets of steel become a ship. It’s Friday, enjoy this old-timey video now.