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Due to the widespread availability of power steering in modern vehicles, the long-standing recommendation of holding the steering wheel at the position of 10 & 2 is no longer recommended by insurance companies like AAA. Instead, they recommend the 8 & 4 positions as it is less fatiguing and less likely to cause your arms […]

月刊現場 5月 from MKM on Vimeo. Heh, I bet if somebody actually made these steering wheel handlebars to sell, they’d sell a lot. Thanks Prolly!

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Amazon.com reviewers are going nuts over this Laptop Steering Wheel Desk which is only $18. Be sure to look at the additional supplied images in the Amazon.com gallery for this product. Lots of pictures of silly car crashes. I think you’ll figure out why.


Peculiar Creations is selling these two wonderful steering wheel covers that look like monsters. They are both $35 (blue and pink) and may serve a dual purpose of curbing car theft. Maybe. Haha, neat, huh!