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Wow, I did not know Stumptown and Danner Boots got together to make this collection! Check it out here! Just kidding. Not a collab. Just a nickname! Thanks!


I love both Stumptown and Poler, and to my surprise, they teamed up to offer this neat Aeropress coffee kit for $125. It comes with a carry bag and 2 camping mugs and a grinder to get you started making your own brew on the go. A good gift for the one who loves outdoors […]


I was browsing this page over at the Stumptown website¬†about how to brew their coffee in an Aeropress and I noticed that they brew it upside down. I’ve never seen anybody do this, but I’m assuming this is better? Please help! Chime in in the comments!  

STUMPTOWN from Stumptown Coffee Roasters on Vimeo. I know these guys are from Portland, but Stumptown reminds me of home in NYC.