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I love this map showing current and planned undersea cables. I just wish it wasn’t $250 for the print! I guess I’ll have to settle for browsing the interactive version online. [via]

According to the video description, this video shows a US Navy submarine (the USS Georgia SSBN 729) at Midway Island accidentally sinking a tugboat (the Secota YTM-415, Formerly YTB-415) as it resurfaces. From what I can gather, it sounds like the tugboat had engine failure and could not get out of the way of the […]

WIRED’s Danger Room was able to take a ride and tour of the US Navy’s most advanced and newest fast-attach submarine, the USS Mississippi. Check out this video for a look at all of the gadgetry aboard this underwater vessel!

The USS Growler sitting next to the USS Intrepid in the Hudson River is the only nuclear submarine open to the public in the US. The USS Growler is up for a chance to receive funding for historic preservation courtesy of the Partners in Preservation Initiative with New York City and American Express. Right now, […]