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I remember my local Publix Supermarket having a Toledo scale near the exit. I used to play on it all the time and I loved watching the weights inside the face move as I jumped up and down on it. From what I gather, these particular scales are pretty rare now. I’d love to own […]

It’s always hard to watch these seriously low-resolution videos, but this one is worth it. What Would You Do? takes a stab at what would happen if somebody cut you in line at the grocery store and that person ended up winning $500 for being the 5 millionth customer! Would you be angry? Would you […]

Food journalists Michael Pollan and Michael Moss were asked by The New York Times to give a quick tour of a typical supermarket to talk about the bad (and some good) of processed foods.


I miss shopping at Publix. It has always held the bar high for a supermarket and deep down inside, I compare every single supermarket experience to a Publix one, and so far, no other chain beats it.

Hannaford ‘Plan to Save’ from Andrew Wonder on Vimeo. This is how I shop for groceries lately. Always looking ahead and planning.

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