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This was incredibly interesting. I don’t understand every part of it, but it’s still really neat anyway. The video shows German-born producer┬áPatrick Pulsinger explaining how modular synthesizers work. It’s a lot of experimentation when you first start out, but when you become a master at it (like he is), you end up becoming a machine […]

A look at how the track “Rooftop” was made by Elitechnique. Neat.


Been watching a couple of videos of the AlphaSphere today and I’m impressed by what it can do. It can basically replace a whole midi setup with its spherical interface of different sized pressure-sensitive pads (that’s hooked into a computer and run off of a computer program). Check out the two videos below. The first […]

Roger Linn invented this synthesizer that relies on finger pressure to produce realistic instrument sounds. Here’s another video of it in action.

To further promote his latest single and upcoming album (both of which have the same name), Calvin Harris teamed up with the Royal College of Art’s Industrial Design Engineering program whose students created the Bare Conductive skin-safe ink seen here. If you’re skeptical of the video above actually being real, check out the making-of video […]