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Not gonna lie, this is pretty cool. I want one. Can this be a Kickstarter project?

This was incredibly interesting. I don’t understand every part of it, but it’s still really neat anyway. The video shows German-born producer┬áPatrick Pulsinger explaining how modular synthesizers work. It’s a lot of experimentation when you first start out, but when you become a master at it (like he is), you end up becoming a machine […]

A look at how the track “Rooftop” was made by Elitechnique. Neat.


Been watching a couple of videos of the AlphaSphere today and I’m impressed by what it can do. It can basically replace a whole midi setup with its spherical interface of different sized pressure-sensitive pads (that’s hooked into a computer and run off of a computer program). Check out the two videos below. The first […]