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Stop what you’re doing right now. You know you want this Windows 95 all-over print T-shirt.

Umm, this is amazing. This shirt called Silic is made with a hydrophobic nanotechnology that makes liquids roll right off of it. For $48, you can buy into this Kickstarter campaign and secure your own shirt for delivery in May 2014.

Man, this was an awesome video. Watch this guy use his airbrush skills and create a rather great looking T-shirt design basically out of nothing.

I’m posting this because of the man right at the beginning seen wearing a giant MetroCard t-shirt.

NPR wanted to dive into the world of T-shirts. Not just how a design is made and then printed onto a cotton tee. Nope. NPR wanted to know how the actual cotton making the T-shirt was farmed and stitched into a piece that is then exported all over the world. They produced a multi-part series […]