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A fan named Michael Drysch nailed a half-court hook shot during Friday’s game between the Pistons and Heat in Miami, winning $75,000 and the right to be tackled by NBA MVP LeBron James in celebration. DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

This video is from a police pursuit from March 12, 2009 where a woman driving a black Volvo is being chased. She then tries to run across a busy freeway and is subsequently tackled. Tada!

According to the video uploader, both the deer and the skateboarder were alright. Thank goodness, because that looked killer.

Vic shared this video this morning on Twitter and I just got around to watching it fully. First of all…WTF. Why does one 60-year-old Chinese man require more than one middle-aged, heavy-set NYPD police officer to take him down? Also, what is with the NYPD man-in-charge swinging out his baton as if ready to beat […]

Oh wow, this is video editing gold! Terry Tate returns to video in this segment where he tackles Sarah Palin during her interview with Katie Couric. The beginning of the video is familiar if you saw her interview about newspapers, but wait until the end for the big tackle. [via] Here’s one of the original […]