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Greg Mishka has started a small line of side-shirts under a new label called TWERPS! The first release is the iconic Lobster Roll character which you may recognize from a plethora of MISHKA gear and apparel. Here it is for $28.


Stop what you’re doing right now. You know you want this Windows 95 all-over print T-shirt.

Umm, this is amazing. This shirt called Silic is made with a hydrophobic nanotechnology that makes liquids roll right off of it. For $48, you can buy into this Kickstarter campaign and secure your own shirt for delivery in May 2014.

I’m posting this because of the man right at the beginning seen wearing a giant MetroCard t-shirt.

NPR wanted to dive into the world of T-shirts. Not just how a design is made and then printed onto a cotton tee. Nope. NPR wanted to know how the actual cotton making the T-shirt was farmed and stitched into a piece that is then exported all over the world. They produced a multi-part series […]