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What is this trickery?! Autoblog posted this video of a company called Darkside Scientific that has found a way to paint a car with paint that can glow with an electric current. The technology is called LumiLor and it looks amazing.

Wonderful video about the ultimate high-performance Tesla Model S tuned by Saleen. Looks so sick!

Tesla has been notified of this crash and wants to have a look at the car to investigate how it can prevent this from happening in the future.

This is so great. In a very weird way. The Valley Girl Show is a new YouTube show about tech companies and people in Silicon Valley hosted by a bubbly, pink-loving, cleavage-showing “Valley girl” known as Jesse Draper. The show describes itself as “if Reese Witherspoons character in Legally Blonde had taken Silicon Valley instead […]

Huh! I didn’t know that the Tesla Model S was technically a hatchback! Sure doesn’t look like one.

Tesla drove to Model S vehicles from LA to NYC using their network of supercharger stations across the US. This is great because it proves that you can do a long-term roadtrip in this all-electric vehicle in all types of weather. I want to do this!