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Wow, video production quality on this is great! Oakley-funded of course, to show off Austin, TX.

Oh my gosh! The music in the background is the sample used in “Huddle Formation” by The Go! Team.


So I’ve been planning a roadtrip through Texas and one of the things I came across and bookmarked was the Wildseed Farms location

I want to do this adventure. Sarah Murphy and Stefaan duPont of Miles & Miles took a trip through Texas with a few Lotuff Leather bags made in collaboration with Barneys New York. I’ve included some below. All of the Lotuff leather bags can be yours right now via the Barneys website.

You know, I remember hearing about this series of events in Texas about churches burning mysteriously to the ground because of arson. Little Hope Was ArsonĀ is a documentary film about these events and the community in Texas who was forced to struggle with forgiveness, justice, and destruction while upholding Texas law and the law of […]