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A film from Mercedes-Benz about the ambitious project from The Impossible Project to bring back Polaroid film under a new name.


This is unbelievable. If Polaroid could have envisioned this sort of demand for $10 cameras, I suspect they wouldn’t be out of the Polaroid business.

When Polaroid stopped making instant film in 2008, a company named The Impossible Project bought out the old Polaroid instant film manufacturing equipment and decided to keep the instant film production going. The Impossible Project is one of only 2 remaining instant film manufacturers in the world (the other is Fujifilm) and their story of […]

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The Impossible Project, the savior of the Polaroid film, has just started selling brand-new packs of Polaroid film for $21 a pack. Each PX 100 pack is made specifically for the older SX-70 cameras and provide you with 8 black and white exposures. The new film won’t have the Polaroid logo on it (because it’s […]

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Will Polaroid and The Impossible Project make the relaunch of the Polaroid One Step camera affordable?