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Watch this New York Times Retro Report about the fight to save wolves and how the Endangered Species Act is dangerously becoming a way for Congress to decide whether animals should be on the list instead of relying on science and facts to make that determination.

The New York Times and Google have teamed up to make the 36 Hours video segments just a bit more interesting and easier to follow with complimentary Google Maps layouts.

Wow. I learned from this video that there’s a guy in Texas named John Joe Gray who has been in a standoff with police for 14 years.

I’m realizing more and more that the reaction to Ebola is directly related to how much one person knows¬†how they¬†could get the disease.

I went to a reservoir in NYS recently. Such a beautiful place. You can check out this map of NYC’s Water Supply Map and also see their current water levels. This video talks about how NYC gets its water from the mountains and why we are the gold standard in urban water delivery systems.