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Here’s a very sad report from The New York Times about an unfinished railroad project in rural Brazil that once held promises of better life for communities near it, but now stands as both an eyesore and a headache for farmers who can no longer use the land that the half-built railroad stands on.

A New York Times Retro Report about the real start of the public distrust of the Catholic Church from the beginnings of its public fight with child molestation charges. Eek.

I’ve always used these as regular exit doors despite the visual warning and audible alarm. Sorry everyone!

Wow, what an interesting way to solve a biological issue. Instead of spraying insecticide all over a community from the air, scientists are instead growing sterile Mediterranean Fruit Flies to mate with wild fruit flies to stop the spread of disease.


Not surprisingly, no actual real cookie dough. This video delves into the science behind why we agree to eat imitation foods that may not have any form of the actual food being imitated.