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Tina sends over this link of a group of folks who bought a bunch of Tim Tams and then proceeded to build a scale version of the Colosseum. I am dying right now. I want one so bad.

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Yesterday was a good day. I stumbled across this store in the LA area that sold authentic Arnott’s Tim Tams straight imported from Australia. And unlike other websites and stores selling Arnott’s Tim Tams (not the American-version Pepperidge Farms ones), these didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Just $3.99, nearly the same as the […]


Amazing! Flickr user stephcookie has posted some photos of a home-made giant Tim Tam cake. She made the monster cake with an actual pack of Tim Tams hidden inside! What a surprise! I want!


Australia’s famed Tim Tam chocolate cookies are coming back to the US!! Earlier this year, Pepperidge Farm tested sales of Tim Tam cookies at Target stores and pulled the product off shelves at the end of March. Now, after months of missing Tim Tams here in the States, Pepperidge Farm is set to unveil the […]


Haemin asked me if there were still Tim Tam cookies left at Target, and the answer is YES! This picture was taken last night at Target as I went with Flo to grab more chocolate biscuits! Yum diddly yum yum yum! Oh, and they are all on sale too!


Photo: Charlie Brewer It’s Tim Tam madness on Doobybrain.com this week! News.com.au (I miss typing that) has a 45-page gallery (meaning, 45 images, paginated…) of the Arnott’s Tim Tam factory and it is amazing to see just how these chocolate treats get created. If you really can’t stand the pagination, you can install this updated […]