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This is such a great look at director Satoshi Kon’s visual editing techniques in representing different lives of his on-screen characters.


I wasn’t aware of this until just yesterday, but if you don’t already know, the amazing and useful Mac screensaver known as Fliqlo has finally been updated to support OS X Mavericks! It’s free and you can download it right now!

This is one of the coolest videos I’ve seen lately uploaded to Vimeo. It’s made by Paul Trillo and features scenes of NYC frozen in time while rotating to and from each one in a dizzying display of goodness. Perfect sound mix too. Love!

This is perfection. Nomos-Glashütte released this video showing just how precise their watchmakers must be day to day when assembling their timepieces.

This video has more photos of Jonathan Ive than I’ve ever seen before.