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I miss this place a lot. Been thinking about travel a lot lately and how more and more I want to travel with those who mean the most to me. There’s something nice about traveling alone, but there’s so much more when you’re doing it with others.


Need a gift? Why not gift a dozen tiny donuts? Just $50!

Intriguing little documentary about a man’s mission to build himself a tiny house and the stories and people he’s met along the way (some of whom also live in tiny houses).

This is seriously some low-cost living in a small space!┬áChristina Nelleman shows off her teardrop trailer which houses every single absolute necessity for her daily life in a small 50s-era trailer that is small enough to be pulled by a Dodge Neon. It’s cute, cozy, and bare-bones. But it’s easy enough for people to make […]


I’m gonna go ahead and agree with BoingBoing here, these microcar images are pretty sweet. I didn’t know tiny models could be so detailed.