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Not so remarkable since anybody can do this traveling at approximately 30 MPH. Synced traffic lights save gas and make the air cleaner (assuming people drive accordingly).

Archival video from Getty Images. Oh, iconic Wilshire Blvd., how I miss you…sorta.


Google wins here. With the rumored acquisition of Waze (quite possibly the best traffic and GPS map app), Google now stands way ahead of the rest of the GPS crowd in terms of getting a big enough user base to make real-time traffic data relevant in their own maps. I like this. Mainly because of […]

It’s been a long time coming, but last night I finally watched TRAFIK’s To Live & Ride In LA┬ámovie/documentary. Directed and filmed by David Rowe, the documentary follows a summer of fixed gear fun and culture in Los Angeles, a city known more for its vehicular congestion than for its budding bike scene. And if […]

A lot of the books and articles I’ve been reading lately about urban design talks about this counter-intuitive phenomenon. That is, sometimes, removing traffic lights and making roads seem┬áconfusing, is actually the best way to reduce pedestrian accidents involving motor vehicles. Of course, this is not to be applied in all circumstances, but when assessed […]