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I’ve posted a video about the Hudson River Project before and now AnimalNY does their take on the project and shows how one man is hoping to build a boat out of NYC trash. The Kickstarter project to help him fund this project was not successful earlier this year, but it seems that he is […]


This is pretty awesome. Method has made a line of soap bottles made from plastic retrieved and recycled from the Pacific Garbage Patch. Together with Envision Plastics, Method sent a bunch of volunteers to hand-collect plastic bits from the ocean to bring them back to create plastic bottles. While not a perfect solution to the […]

This is one of the weirdest videos of celebrities rebelling against paparazzi that I’ve ever seen. Here is basketball player Lamar Odom literally going into the photographer’s car, taking a suitcase filled with camera equipment, and tossing it onto the street. All while staying relatively calm. And then at the end he takes a photo […]

I was barely a year old when this whole fiasco happened so forgive me if this is old news to you (it’s new to me). The Mobro 4000 was a barge which left NYC in 1987 with over 3000 tons of trash originally meant for North Carolina. But because of a series of news reports […]