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This is such a cool music video. It’s directed by Zack Spiger and Matt Larson.

This is definitely one of the coolest videos I’ve seen lately. Kevin A. Fraser filmed this piece on David Welsford, a man who has been living his life lately on a 28-foot wooden boat, sailing around the world, and absorbing the beauty of the world around him with just enough to get by. Check out […]

This girl looks so damn familiar. Have I met her before? Anyway, this is a really beautiful video.

I had to favorite this video. A Nomad’s Life is a video about one man’s journey as he traveled across the globe mostly on a bicycle. He saw wonderful sights, met amazing people, and had an adventure that few others in the world can compare with. You can follow his adventures on Show Me The […]

More videos inside of Chérie enjoying her travels around the world with the help of an iPad.