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Back in August 2007, I reported briefly on a Chinese man named Huang Chuncai who underwent surgery to remove a 20kg tumor on his face. The surgery was successful but due to the large size of the tumor, only a part of it was removed at that time. Just a few days ago, Huang Chuncai […]


Jose Mestre is a man who suffers from a very serious facial tumor. The tumor started when he was a teenager and has since grown to a size of 15 inches long and weighing in at 12 pounds! For years, Jose refused proper medical treatment because of specific beliefs prohibiting him from having a blood […]

A 31-year-old Chinese man had a part of a 20kg facial tumor removed after undergoing surgery. Aug. 21 – A Chinese man recovers from surgery that removed part of his facial tumours, which weigh more than 20 kilogrammes in total. A Chinese man says he is relieved after a part of his facial tumours, which […]