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Listen and Repeat is an installation consisting of a megaphone installed on a mountain in Washington that reads and recites tweets with the tag “nobody listens”. The trees will always listen.

Twitter is reminding you all today that it is NOT appropriate to send your mom a Mother’s Day tweet.


I love this. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is tweeting images of cities and landscapes from space.

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So glad that Twitter finally gave me the option to download my tweet archive. Now I’ll be reminded everyday of the mundane things I used to tweet about a year ago. On another note though, I love how Twitter formats the archive as a webpage. It makes it a lot easier to browse.


I love this post over at WIRED showing some images from Nate Larson and Marni Shindelman’s Twitter-related project called Geolocation. As implied by the name, the photographers take random tweets’ geolocations and travels to those locations to photograph the setting. If you thought tweets were boring, wait until you see where some of these tweets […]