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Not gonna lie, this looks neat. The Hostess Electric Twinkie Maker is only $35 w/ Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping. Christmas gift idea! Check out a video inside.

After a hiatus of 8 months, Twinkies are back. And they are exactly the same.


A joint bid by Metropoulos & Co. and Apollo Global Management for $410 million is bringing the famous Twinkies brand back to store shelves as early as this summer. For those of you who bought boxes of them at insane prices, sucks to be you.


Bad news for those of you who bought a box of Twinkies on eBay for $10,000. It looks like Hostess might not be closing after all! A judge has ordered the striking union and Hostess to sit down and talk further in order to save the approximately 18,000 jobs that Hostess will have to end […]