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Here’s a fantastic short film from Danny Yourd about a man named Michael Paul Smith who makes miniature scenes of a fictional town called Elgin Park. For Michael, the models are a therapeutic escape from a past filled with sadness and bullying and he seems to have come into quite a groove with these miniatures. […]


Pop Chart Lab has released this pretty fantastic infographic/poster of the history of the American flag. It’s only $29 for the print or a bit more if you want the print plus the frame. Great for classrooms!


Wow, check out how Danthonia Designs created this dragon crest sign out of wood! Amazing work!

Walmart has long been known to source many of their products overseas. They are one of the largest retailers in the United States so it bears some significance when they say that they are dedicating $250 billion over the next 10  years to bring manufacturing back to the United States.