Here’s a good explanation of the stock, cut, embossing, and Magic Finish from USPCC.


A unique deck by USPCC that celebrates the panda as a symbol of peace and friendship. Custom backs and fronts!


The Dragon Back set of playing cards has added 2 more to the family, making it a total of 5 Dragon Back decks with different colors schemes. Here’s the newest duo — yellow and green!

Michael Scott’s 3rd Kickstarter funding campaign comes in a joint project with the United States Playing Card Company to restore the 1876 Andrew Dougherty Triplicate playing cards. The cards come in 4 flavors — 2 “standard” editions and 2 “limited editions”. The limited editions are unique because they come with the original long flap tuck […]


I love that I had a part in making this a reality. United Cardists, for those that care about playing cards as much as I do.


Interesting Kickstarter project for a deck of playing cards called The Type Deck. It’s created by Chris Cavill.