New deck coming out from USPCC in January to celebrate the year of the goat (ram?). Check it out here in Chinese.


I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: Jackson Robinson is my favorite playing card designer right now. He’s had a handful of successful Kickstarter projects so far (many of which I own), and his latest one certainly doesn’t disappoint. He’s taken an old US Army playing card design and updated it a bit […]

Here’s a good explanation of the stock, cut, embossing, and Magic Finish from USPCC.


A unique deck by USPCC that celebrates the panda as a symbol of peace and friendship. Custom backs and fronts!


The Dragon Back set of playing cards has added 2 more to the family, making it a total of 5 Dragon Back decks with different colors schemes. Here’s the newest duo — yellow and green!

Michael Scott’s 3rd Kickstarter funding campaign comes in a joint project with the United States Playing Card Company to restore the 1876 Andrew Dougherty Triplicate playing cards. The cards come in 4 flavors — 2 “standard” editions and 2 “limited editions”. The limited editions are unique because they come with the original long flap tuck […]