Michael Scott’s 3rd Kickstarter funding campaign comes in a joint project with the United States Playing Card Company to restore the 1876 Andrew Dougherty Triplicate playing cards. The cards come in 4 flavors — 2 “standard” editions and 2 “limited editions”. The limited editions are unique because they come with the original long flap tuck […]


I love that I had a part in making this a reality. United Cardists, for those that care about playing cards as much as I do.


Interesting Kickstarter project for a deck of playing cards called The Type Deck. It’s created by Chris Cavill.


These come directly from the USPCC’s 808 Club. I haven’t actually liked any of their releases yet until now. This is gorgeous!


The Spare Room and Henson have come together to create a limited edition deck of Fraggle Rock playing cards produced by the US Playing Card Company. Featuring all your favorite Fraggles in fine form, plus recipes and other words of wisdom from The Spare Room. Umm, is this awesome or what? Just $10 per deck […]