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I have never heard of most of these myths. Also, maybe because I’m not a woman. Definitely one of the weirdest ads for Kotex tampons ever.

OMG. This is the funniest news report ever. Villagers in a remote Chinese village have unearthed a rubber vagina (or rubber anus) — a sex toy — from the earth and are believing it to be some sort of rare mushroom. The funniest thing is hearing the news reporter go on and on about the […]


I caught this video of Jennifer Rubell‘s Nutcracker installation at Frieze New York over at Laughing Squid. The sideways mannequin representing a woman with her legs working as nutcrackers is actually one of about 18 in existence.

This whole video is a bit far-fetched but it’s interesting to note anyway. I think it’s got more to do with seeing what you want to see rather than seeing what’s actually there. Take what you will from this, haha.


Artist Jamie McCartney may be a genius. He somehow convinced over 400 women to spread their legs for him so he can make a plaster cast of their vagina and display them en masse in a gallery space. [via] He’s doing it to help women everywhere realize that their genitals are normal however it looks. […]