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Deerskin No. 8 from Barrett Alley. Beautiful, but unfortunately, sold out.


Check out the video below to see how this wallet is hand-made right here in the USA (Detroit!!!). Want one? Get it here for $125.

I really love this idea of a credit-card sized stand for the iPhone that folds out nicely to give you a tripod of sorts with full-tilt capability. At the time of this post, you’ve got 12 days to get yourself in on this Kickstarter project.


I’m pretty intrigued by this project from Brett and Christi Fischer called the OneKlip. It’s primarily a bottle opener that serves as a wallet clip/card clip as well as a fridge magnet. You can use it for a single purpose or all of the purposes labeled on the Kickstarter page. The clip is RFID disrupting […]


Loving this new Kickstarter project for a suction-enabled iPhone case called the Wally. It’s unobtrusive, simple, and most important of all, SLIM! A pledge of $40 or more currently grabs you this fantastic looking case. Support here! [collapse title="Watch the Kickstarter video by clicking here" collapseid="UniqueID"] [/collapse]