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Man, this was hard to watch. PetaPixel posts helmetcam footage of two men inside a cave, one who gets stuck, as the cave fills with water. The video is scary but luckily it looks like he ended up getting out ok. But man, talk about a close call…

I heard about this organization called The Adventure Project on Sunday. At its core, the organization helps to solve a growing problem in rural communities in Africa by training and employing locals on how to fix broken water wells. Many organizations focus primarily on bringing new technologies to communities that give them clean water. This, […]

This is a very fascinating video about the┬áLeidenfrost Effect, a phenomenon that occurs when a liquid is dropped onto a surface that is hotter than the liquid’s boiling point which causes the liquid to form a protective surface around it allowing it to glide/move smoothly across the surface. In this case, researchers have begun to […]