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Remember Clickhole, The Onion’s parody website on BuzzFeed? Well, it officially launched and it’s hilarious. I’d rather browse this than BuzzFeed.


Have you all seen the Warby Parker minisite launching two new frames in conjunction with the new Man Of Steel movie? It’s pretty awesome. If you want to look like Clark Kent, this is a good thing to start with.


Big changes coming to Flickr today with the introduction of 1TB of free storage for ALL USERS and a brand-new super-big image browsing format. Nice overall, but is it enough to draw users back? I’m not speaking for everyone here, but in my own circle of friends, I feel like we’ve all moved to Facebook […]

LightCMS lets you design webpages and online stores quickly and easily

I haven’t tried this for myself yet, but LightCMS seems like a pretty great solution to launching simple websites and online stores quickly and easily. Based on the video below, it looks like the design interface is mostly drag-n-drop. I like it!


Dann Petty, founder of PSDs.co, has uploaded his mockups of a drastically redesigned Yahoo! front page and search page that goes simple, but not so simple that it resembles Google’s own front page. He uses a collection of easily identifying icons to show different search functions and functions of the Yahoo! site. Quite nice. Check […]