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I’ve been using this new app on my iPhone called SpeedSpot which allows me to find and share WiFi connections around me. It’s great for traveling. Anyway, so I was checking out SpeedSpot’s blog and I came across this interesting post about Starbucks switching over their stores from AT&T WiFi to Google WiFi and how […]

Instead of spending $600 on the official Canon wireless adapter, this slightly bulkier option costs only $50, and in the end, it’s still not even that bulky! The only thing you need to worry about is running power to the $50 Netgear wireless router, but other than that, this “hack” is relatively easy to set […]


For T-Mobile and AT&T customers, 36 stations in the NYC Subway System now have free Wi-Fi for you to use. And not only that, you can make calls from within said stations as well.

This looks really awesome! I’ve never heard about them until now, but apparently they already have a super-highly rated product, the Securifi Almond, on the market. If this Almond+ is anything like its predecessor, this is going to be great.