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Check out this Tumblr called TL;DR Wikipedia (“Too Long; Didn’t Read Wikipedia” for those who don’t know) in which the author posts an image of a Wikipedia article with a really concise┬ádefinition of that thing/place/person.


Maybe it’s because I just came back from watching World War Z and doomsday scenarios are on my mind, but these official instructions from Wikipedia on how to preserve its contents in case of a “non-localized event that would render the continuation of Wikipedia in its current form untenable” is freaky! It’s called their Terminal […]

This reminds me so much of the old New York Public Library interface. I hated using that and I can’t imagine what I would have done if Wikipedia started out like this. I probably wouldn’t have used it much.


So puzzling to me that Facebook was the #1 most viewed Wikipedia article of 2012 in the US. And to top it off, the #4 was One Direction. -_-

Open Source Architecture Manifesto by Carlo Ratti Associati from Dezeen on Vimeo. The Open Source Architecture Manifesto by Carlo Ratti Associati can be seen updated in real-time on a wall installation that uses a robotic arm to physically write out the edits on the Wikipedia page. This was installed at the Adhocracy exhibition during the […]