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Check out this Tumblr called TL;DR Wikipedia (“Too Long; Didn’t Read Wikipedia” for those who don’t know) in which the author posts an image of a Wikipedia article with a really concise┬ádefinition of that thing/place/person.


Maybe it’s because I just came back from watching World War Z and doomsday scenarios are on my mind, but these official instructions from Wikipedia on how to preserve its contents in case of a “non-localized event that would render the continuation of Wikipedia in its current form untenable” is freaky! It’s called their Terminal […]

This reminds me so much of the old New York Public Library interface. I hated using that and I can’t imagine what I would have done if Wikipedia started out like this. I probably wouldn’t have used it much.


So puzzling to me that Facebook was the #1 most viewed Wikipedia article of 2012 in the US. And to top it off, the #4 was One Direction. -_-

Open Source Architecture Manifesto by Carlo Ratti Associati from Dezeen on Vimeo. The Open Source Architecture Manifesto by Carlo Ratti Associati can be seen updated in real-time on a wall installation that uses a robotic arm to physically write out the edits on the Wikipedia page. This was installed at the Adhocracy exhibition during the […]

This is pretty exciting. The Wikimedia Foundation’s Senior Designer Brandon Harris has outlined in a blog post what needs to happen to Wikipedia and its sister sites in the very near future to stay relevant on the web. While it’s still up for debate, he proposes that the network of Wikipedia websites implement an entirely […]