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Best Made Co. Elkskin Mitts – $82 Poler Napsack – $130 William Eggleston Chromes (3-book set) – $345 1960s IBM 13.5″ Standard Issue Clock – $235 New York Nights by James and Karla Murray – $40 These neon Caran D’Ache ballpoint pens. – $20 each. GoPro Hero3 Black Edition – $399 Low Pursuit Bicycle – […]


I was at Barnes and Noble today and saw Dilbert 2.0, a 20th anniversary collection of Dilbert comics from Andrews McMeel. The collection is fashioned in the very same way as previous all-in-one collections like The Complete Calvin and Hobbes and The Complete Far Side and includes over 4000 comic strips from Dilbert over the […]