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I’ve never seen this publication before until today, but after browsing through it quickly in person, I think I fell in love with it. It’s got a fantastic layout with really fascinating articles on different artists and their creations and just things that they’re into. Uppercase magazine’s Issue 16 is out right now and you […]


In the same sort of look as the Everything Here Is Wonderful maps┬ácomes this Wonderful patch (also from Best Made Co.). And it’s just $7! Put it on anything!

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LetterCult posted a few examples of some of the best hand-lettering artists in the industry right now, and the work of Alison Carmichael caught my eye. It was the photo of her reverse graffiti (hand-lettered) that really drew me in, and then I looked at the rest of her work on her website and I […]

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Photo: AP / Brennan Linsley (click to enlarge) The Frame posted this photo of an Afghan girl with some strikingly beautiful eyes. Look at that stare. It’s deadly and it’s a bit wonderful, too.


Never heard of Trends Updates, but apparently they’ve heard of me and they think Doobybrain.com is worthy of the award for “top 18 weird and wonderful blogs” on the web. This site is up there with several other big names in blogging and I’m honored to say the least. I guess this would be considered […]