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Sam Sadeghi approached some random people on the street and asked them to write a letter to their 10-year-old self. This project is neat!

From what I gather, it’s often harder than it seems to make robots mimic natural human movement. This hand however is capable of most of the natural hand movements a normal human can make. Watch it grab, pull, lift, and gently caress a bunch of objects in this video above. [via] Androids coming soon hopefully?

Open Source Architecture Manifesto by Carlo Ratti Associati from Dezeen on Vimeo. The Open Source Architecture Manifesto by Carlo Ratti Associati can be seen updated in real-time on a wall installation that uses a robotic arm to physically write out the edits on the Wikipedia page. This was installed at the Adhocracy exhibition during the […]

I just finished reading this article by Glenn Fleishman over at BoingBoing who wrote about his experience being on Jeopardy! this past week. In the article, Glenn makes note of the fact that Jeopardy! is more like a reality-TV show stripped down to its core than a straight trivia game show. The show wasn’t and […]