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Cory Schmitz has posted some interesting concept work for what he calls “The New Xbox”, a totally rethought and redesigned look for Microsoft’s gaming system. It looks great overall and Cory does a good job of carrying over the look from different packaging layouts, but I think for a gaming system it’s a bit too […]


Dan Saelinger was commissioned to do this slow-motion piece for Fortune Magazine to accompany an article about how console gaming is on the decline. Dan shot this amazing footage at J and M Special Effects in Brooklyn and ended up using 10 Xboxes and about 8 controllers before he got the shot he wanted. Crazy! […]

Interactive Puppet Prototype with Xbox Kinect from Theo Watson on Vimeo. I wasn’t very excited about the Xbox Kinect — mainly because I don’t have an Xbox — but the hacks I’ve been seeing lately make me think this would be a fun toy to tinker around with. Especially since now somebody has figured out […]