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Here’s a reminder of all of the crazy things people supported this year — from independent video game consoles, to hovercraft Deloreans, to feature-length movies, and lots of brand-new inventions.


WOW OH WOW. I am speechless. Julian Bialowas put together one of the most beautiful Year In Review photo posts I’ve ever seen for 2013. It’s all organized by month with plenty of beautiful photos to show off his adventures. Seriously, this is how you do it.

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If you’re tired of reading Doobybrain, might I suggest checking out Digg’s 2013 year in review. Beautifully laid out list of articles, images, and memes to interest you further. Enjoy!

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I did a lot of traveling this year. And I made it a point on January 1st, 2013 to use Foursquare whenever possible to track my daily whereabouts and activities. The act has paid off, as I’m not able to see where I’ve been this whole year along with a lot of useless information like […]