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Remember the Z1 spacesuit inspired in part by Buzz Lightyear’s getup? Here’s a video of somebody in it and pretending to type on a laptop. Yep, I just described the whole video for you.

Earlier this year, I posted some photos from NASA of the Z-1 spacesuit which was inspired in part by Buzz Lightyear’s outfit from Toy Story. In the videos here we get a better understanding of how this suit was developed and what it means for future astronauts in space who may be wearing this.


To show off the compact and easy to upgrade HP Z1 desktop computer, HP hooked up with Singaporean creatives via Goodstuph and sent out 20 of these cardboard desks. The desks require no tools to be put together, much like the Z1 desktop computer which can be opened up and upgraded with very little effort […]