President Obama's Final State of the Union airs tonight @ 9PM

Tonight is President Obama's final State of the Union Address. The number of ways you can watch it and interact with the speech goes to show just how different government has become in the last 8 years. Just before Obama was elected to office, he ran one of the finest campaigns for office involving the internet and social media by any person before him. It came just at the right time too as the internet was just becoming a place for activists of all sorts to get their views heard on a medium that was still quite new in the political scene.

No candidate before Obama had so much support from the young, tech-savvy crowd. There was even a book by designer Scott Thomas about this (it was on Kickstarter previously but now you'll have to hunt one down if you want to take a look at it -- I own one, you can get in touch with me).

Designing Obama
By Scott Thomas

Anyway, tonight at 9PM, you can watch and interact with Obama's State of the Union address right on YouTube and get enhanced coverage and stats on the dedicated White House page.