No surprise here, the 191st St Tunnel Beautification Project has been tagged up

It's almost been a year since I visited the 191st Street Tunnel which spans length from St. Nicholas Ave to Broadway. The tunnel was rehabilitated last year in a project the MTA called "The 191st Street Beautification Project". It was a much-needed revamp of the formerly dark and dingy tunnel which lent itself to crime and homeless. The project not only repainted the surface of the walls but also installed new LED lighting to deter crime and make the tunnel a better place to walk through.

But it comes to no surprise to me that the tunnel has fallen again to graffiti and vandalism with the colorful murals scribbled and painted over with graffiti artist names and monikers. With no cameras in place in the tunnel, it seemed like the perfect place to paint illegally and bring back a bit of what the tunnel used to look like before the official MTA murals.