I like seeing what other tourists enjoy about NYC

I'm going to admit something right now that sounds a little weird, so here it goes: I really enjoy watching videos of strangers summing up their time in NYC.

Let me explain. I love this city a lot. I love it so much that when friends come to town, I look forward to bringing them around and hanging out with them while they do their usual trips around town. Sure, some of those may include places that I wouldn't normally go to as a New Yorker, but there's a reason some places are famous -- and to me, any excuse to go to a well-known tourist spot (except maybe all of Times Square) is a good reason for me to go. Plus, I'm there with people I don't see often (I'm not bringing NYC friends around town...).

So when I say that I like watching videos of other people summing up their time in NYC, what I really mean is that I am very interested in hearing and seeing what other people have done in NYC. It kind of gives me an insight into who their friends might be (if they're cheesy, basic, or just plain boring) based on what sort of recommendations they are given when they visit NYC. I think it's totally normal for me to think that my own recommendations are the best, but I also know that it's very possible that my recommendations are somebody else's AVOID-AT-ALL-COSTS-IN-NYC, so seeing other people's visits to NYC -- people I don't know -- helps me refine my own list.

Sometimes, it even gives me good reason to try something new! That's the great thing about NYC. There's always something I haven't done yet even if it's been around for ages. There are a couple in this video here (but I won't say which ones).

It's 2AM. Good night.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbbmJYhfkZ...