Twinsters: The true story of twins separated at birth who found each other through YouTube


I saw this movie on Netflix a few weeks ago and haven't really had the time to sit down and write about it. Twinsters is a film about two young women, Anais Bordier and Samantha Futerman, both of whom were adopted from Korea at a young age. But Anais ended up with a family in France and Samantha ended up in Southern California. Neither of them nor their respective families knew about the twin and for a very long time, they lived separate lives on opposite sides of the planet.

Then Samantha had a few viral videos on YouTube which caused one of Anais' friends who saw the video to send the video to Anais. Twinsters is the story of their meeting, reconnection, and their amazing journey from single adoptee to long-lost sister.

It was really cool to watch this film because I followed the events in near real-time as they were happening and unfolding on YouTube. I've watched Samantha's videos for quite some time and witnessed her realization that she could in fact have a sister -- a twin sister. I mean, seriously, imagine if somebody just came up to you right now and told you that you had an identical twin! Your world would turn upside down, filled with emotions, and questions!

If you want a truly feel-good movie, watch Twinsters on Netflix. It's pretty spectacular.