The Shallows by Nicholas Carr


I just finished reading Nicholas Carr's book The Shallows. It was a truly enlightening read with clear and concise explanations of many things I've been personally feeling about the way I think and act after spending so much time on the internet.

The book is a perfect reminder to step away from technology for a bit and wander out in the wilderness (literally) as it often brings people back sharper and more attentive than those who rely solely on internet and mobile stimulation to keep them going. The book is supported by a ton of research into the ill-effects of the internet in our way of thinking, but also offers a good roadmap to make sure we don't lose our culture and humanity to machines.

As the first book in my one-book-a-month series for 2016, I'm feeling like this is a very strong start. I would recommend this book. Get it below.