The Transformation of Queens Boulevard

Queens Boulevard, nicknamed "The Boulevard of Death" due to the amount of deaths along its corridor from vehicular traffic, is getting some much-needed improvement for all types of traffic. Phase 1 of a major renovation project for Queens Boulevard has been completed and this video here sums up some of the improvements to traffic flow.

One of the major distinctions here is the change in usage of Queens Boulevard's service roads and main roads. Previously, both were used simultaneously by vehicular traffic as mains thruways which caused quite a bit of anxiety for anybody walking, crossing, or cycling on the service road. Now, the service road has been narrowed for vehicular traffic, essentially slowing down cars and allowing for a beautiful bike lane and extended sidewalk for pedestrians.

This Phase 1 completion also closes redundant roads turning onto highways and installs a ton of new crosswalk markings and lights. And with no deaths on Queens Boulevard reported in 2015, maybe it's a sign that these improvements are making this surrounding area in Queens just a little more liveable. I can't wait to bike here. :)